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Professional Fiduciaries

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When complicated legal issues arise, you’ll need an attorney on hand who has the skills and experience required to offer your clients the highest standard of care. Van Dyke & Associates, APLC provides a mechanism to resolve family conflicts and contested matters in probate court.

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We are a proud sponsor of the:

Professional Fiduciaries Association of California (P.F.A.C.)

an organization committed to maintaining high standards of ethics and practice, as well as connecting California fiduciaries with vital professional services.


Trust & Estate litigation

Asset managers, accountants, executors, trustees, and corporate officers play a unique role when entrusted in good faith with the responsibility of managing another party’s assets. While proper estate planning can lessen the chances of a dispute, there are many cases when the complexities of the situation are unavoidable. For those involved in a contested trust and estate matter, or a situation of financial elder abuse, we’ll fight for a just resolution for your client.

Our firm has extensive knowledge of the specific laws pertaining to California probate court, along with decades of experience litigating cases, from initial court filing through to trial. This expertise gives us a distinct advantage resolving a wide variety of legal disputes. This makes our firm a top choice among professional fiduciaries looking to form a relationship with a reliable legal support team. Contact Van Dyke & Associates, APLC today to discuss how we can assist you with your unique needs.

Trustee Removal

Where there is a clear conflict between co-trustees, such that they cannot work together and their strained relationship creates a stalemate concerning the management of trust property, such inaction may constitute grounds for removal of the co-trustees. Hostility and lack of cooperation affects the trust estate by hampering the administration of the trust and warrants removal.


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