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If you have a large estate, scores of movable and immovable properties, bank accounts and gifts, then you are more likely to be engaged in probate litigation. Before going into the details of probate litigation, it is important to know what probate litigation means. As per the probate law, a probate court will identify the assets of the deceased, decide on the payment of taxes and other incidental expenses, and distribute the property among the legal heirs as mentioned in the will.

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The firm regularly encounters …

  • Proceedings attacking the validity and/or existence of a trust (trust contests)
  • Disputes involving the ownership of trust property
  • Petitions for instructions relating to the operation of a trust
  • Compelling a trust accounting
  • Suits involving claims of breach of duty or malfeasance by the trustee
  • Removal of a trustee
  • Relates matters such as financial abuse of an elder or dependent adult by a trustee
  • Case evaluation, ethical issues, and the recovery of trustee and attorney’s fees in litigation
  • Mediation and settlement of trust disputes

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