COVID19 Continuity of Service Procedures
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COVID 19 Update

March 20, 20120: Pursuant to the Governor’s Executive Order N-33-20 (California – Stay at Home Order) the firm has implemented the following continuity of service procedures:

The order refers to an exemption for 16 critical infrastructure sectors as defined by the Federal Government but also alludes to additional sectors which the Governor may also define as “essential”.

Available guidance defines “Essential Services” as “Professional Services, such as legal or accounting services, when necessary to assist in compliance with legally mandated activities”. The guidance goes on to state that “non-essential business can remain open as long as employees are only performing ‘minimum basic operations’… “such as facilitating telework for employees to work from home.”

Due to the nature of our legal services the firm has determined that our business will remain open during the COVID19 crisis, but only to the extent that we are obligated to attend to “legally mandated activities”. In the context of representing our clients, the firm construes that to mean – appearing at any scheduled court hearing (telephonically), preparation for any future hearing or trial (in-office), drafting, filing and service of process of any pleading, paper or related materials (in-office, if necessary, otherwise remotely).

“Legally mandated activities” comprise the vast majority of daily activities of the firm. However, to the extent that we can delay non-essential litigation activities, we will do so.

The various county courts have issued General Orders regarding their respective operations which should minimize or delay to some extent the firm’s “legally mandated activities”. Nevertheless, there are many essential litigation activities that must be performed notwithstanding these General Orders. Rest assured, our opposing counsel will be actively producing new petitions and discovery that we must respond to in due course. We will do the same in order to move our cases forward to trial or settlement as the case may be. This is not a time to let down our vigilance.

During the COVID19 crisis, essential staff, including attorneys, will be available on-site, and/or remotely to consult with opposing counsel and clients as needed. Video conferencing is the preferred method of face-to-face communications. Please contact our office to arrange a personal video meeting, or feel free to call or write.


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